Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ocean Storm Oil Painting

This is my first ever oil painting. I followed one of Bob Ross' videos, and finished it within two hours. I made the foam on the waves wispy, and they even have a 3D "sticking out" effect.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walking Stick / Bludgeon

A while ago I carved a branch into a walking stick and stained it. I then created a tutorial on how to do so here. But since then, I've somewhat improved it as both a walking stick, and a club/bludgeon. The grip part of it is made up of three layers: duct tape (sticky side up), then a wrap of twine, and finally black hockey tape. The metal end is made up of two iron wires twisted together, then finally twisted around the end of the stick. The finished product almost looks like a combination of a medieval European weapon, and an Asian marshal arts staff/cane.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chinese Wall Picture

I made this antique looking Chinese poster completely by accident. It was originally supposed to look like golden Chinese lettering on a red silk background, but as you can see, the project kinda veered off course!

First, I took a standard piece of printer paper, and penciled in the letters. I then used yellow marker to color in the letters, and then used a sharpie to give it a reflective gold look. But while I was working with the sharpie, I accidentally shaded the whole first two letters without realizing it...

So I just continued on shading over the letters until I finished, when it just looked like boring black letters on a white background. So finally after an hour of painting, gluing, burning, and antiquizing, I came up with a neat looking thing with my name on it.